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Flasks and pump pots are vital items in day to day use in hundreds of offices, canteens, restaurants and hospitals; they find uses in meetings, conferences, patient-feeding and other hot beverage applications for catering coffee machines and offices.

Choose from easy to use and simple stainless steel flasks which are generally 1.9 litre or pump airpots that avoid the need to pick up the vessel so that they save effort and time - the pump airpots are in either 1.9 litre, 2.2 litre or 2.5 litre format, although 3 litre ones are also available for large capcity applications. Brands that we offer include Elia, Grunwerg and Bravilor and in some cases there are spare screw lids or pump pot accessories available so that you do not have to purchase a whole new item.

We also offer smaller flasks with a capacity of around 1 litre or less, these are ideal for a range of uses as broad as with hotel high teas or for cold filtered water for a patient in hospital beds.

Did you know we also offer both catering hotelware – robust no-nonsense crockery for cafes and hotels – and tough fine china such as the Elia Orientix range offering both elegance and robust performance?


We have also supplied personalised crockery for many customers from BMW garages to organic farm shops all over the UK – ask today for a free graphic mock up with your logo on it.

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Flasks And Pump Pots
Flasks And Pump Pots

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