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We're a friendly family run coffee business offering advice on office coffee machines in a wide range of sizes for offices and workplaces via our London office coffee machines showroom consultants; please call 0203 096 7233 to arrange a visit. From workplaces with 6 people up to huge corporate offices and multi-floor headquarters buildings, banks, tech firms like Google and media companies, you will always find that staff enjoy good coffee and the morale boost that the taste and aroma brings. What sets us apart is our advice, explanation and demonstrations so that you make the correct decision for the medium and longer term in your office to keep staff and visitors happy and refreshed taking into account frequently asked questions like:

  • Space?
  • Budget?
  • Decor?
  • Culture?
  • Staff Numbers?

Long appreciated by professional fit out companies like Morgan Lovell, Woodhouse Workspace and Oktra, facilities managers and office administration staff, the importance of high quality office coffee and machines cannot be overstated. Our range of coffee machines suits all office spaces, environments, decors and budgets and we have many years of experience in advising clients throughout the United Kingdom.

Compact table top coffee machine are perfect for smaller offices, clinics and car showrooms as recommended by Morgan Lovell, these machines are now both easy to use and clean. They operate efficiently in the background enhancing your day. To cater to different tastes in office coffee service, we have a range of both instant, fresh ground filter coffee and espresso bean-to-cup coffee machines with fresh milk and hot chocolate, offering anywhere between 20 and 400 cups per day. We also offer glass and thermoplastic cafetieres and special coarsely ground fresh coffee in both bulk 500g and 2-cup portion sachets.

Good examples of small office coffee machines are the Necta Koro Max Prime bean to cup coffee machine and the Jura JX8 bean to cup coffee vending machine. For large offices, we offer table-top coffee machines with a high output of drinks like flat white, caffe latte, espresso and cappuccino per day. High-output bean to cup machines like the Franke A600FM, Franke A800, Franke FM850 FoamMaster or Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 bean to cup machines have their origin in the world of catering and restaurants but they are being seen more and more in offices with a capacity to produce 200-400 drinks a day and they now include two key features that Caffia have long sought for:

1)            Very hot drink temperature.

2)            Easy cleaning for operators.

This is great news for hard-pressed office managers, reception and catering staff alike! Less downtime and coffee quality in the office that is akin to a coffee shop. Did you know we also have a comprehensive range of 8 different espresso coffee beans and 8 types of filter coffees? The range includes delicious decaffeinated Colombian, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified coffees; why not ask for a sample by emailing: sales@caffia.com?

Popular office coffee machines that we supply and install with full operator training include:



Office Coffee Machines To Lease Rent:

There’s no getting round the prevalence of the modern coffee culture and the way it can boost morale with staff but coffee machines themselves are quite expensive so we offer useful 3 year lease rental deals through leading finance houses like Grenke Leasing or CF Capital Company.

The benefits of office coffee machine lease rental? Placing your office coffee machines on a lease rental deal allows you to spread out the payments and conserves capital for other applications in your business while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of prime coffee. It is also a tax-efficient method because all the rental payments over the 3 year term are fully allowable against your profits so in the overall you would pay less tax. Call our office coffee machines lease rental dedicated hot line on 01324 678791 (within the UK) to discuss full details of finance options.

How much does it cost for lease rental deals on office bean to cup coffee machines?

Take the purchase price for the coffee equipment package that your require as £3000.00 (in this fiction example) a typical 3 year lease rental with this amount of capital will equate to between £114.00 + VAT per month and £99.00 + VAT per month depending on your credit score and health of your business. There is also a £100.00 + VAT facility fee applicable from the finance company with every lease deal which is also subject to status.

All office coffee machine models on lease rental or outright purchase from Caffia Coffee Group come with operator and barista training, water softener filter and installation as standard; we advise you carefully and will debate your needs with blunt honesty and an eye to the longer term; we might not always agree at first with what will be best for you but we’ll get you a great value equipment package that will deliver!

Do you have a lot of meetings at your office?

We think that filter coffee brewers are ideal for this task and are the best way to go for meetings and conferences in offices as they make a ‘batch’ of mild filter coffee in bulk. These office coffee machines brew either into a glass jug, stainless steel flask or pump pot and can be plumbed in to mains water or manual hand-fill. We also offer bulk brewers from Marco, Bravilor or Coffee Queen and elegant fine bone china that is both well priced, tough and impressively smart.


We have a friendly quoting team always available on 01324 617618 or 0203 096 7233 and 2 useful showrooms of office coffee bean to cup coffee machines where you can get hands on with a wide range of equipment so as to ‘try before you buy’ and make a fully-informed decision that you can be relaxed and confident with. Having these showrooms allows you to get away from the furnace of your own workplace to observe coffee machine operation and cleaning in a relaxed setting.

Lomond House, Russel Street, Falkirk, FK2 7HS

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47 Gee Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 3RS

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Office Coffee Machines Advice and Demonstrations
Office Coffee Machines Advice and Demonstrations
Office Coffee Machines Suppliers
Office Coffee Machines Suppliers
Office Coffee Machines Consultants
Office Coffee Machines Consultants
Office Coffee Flask
Office Coffee Flask
Office Coffee Machines Advice
Office Coffee Machines Advice
Office Coffee Machines Coffee Beans
Office Coffee Machines Coffee Beans
Office Coffee Machines Suppliers
Office Coffee Machines Consultants
Office Coffee Flask
Office Coffee Machines Advice
Office Coffee Machines Coffee Beans

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