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Birchall Pyramid Teabags

Birchall Pyramid Teabags

The combination of 140 years of expertise, committal to the highest standards including Rainforest Alliance approval for the Pfunda Estate, and the superb 'Pyramid' teabag format means these Birchall tea products are both gutsy, flavoursome premium teas and in a practical format.

Perfect for caterers offering the Afternoon Tea Ceremony or just looking to offer greatly enhanced quality.

Some Notes on the Pfunda Estate for interest below:

The Pfunda Tea Estate is widely regarded as Rwanda's leading tea estate and is situated in north-west province of the country, 4 hours drive from the capital Kigali, in an area known as the Congo-Nile Crest, above Lake Kivu and below the Nyiragongo Volcano.

Pfunda concentrates on producing the finest tea, focusing on quality not quantity. The very best tea bushes are carefully selected for the estate and the saplings from these are grown in the on-site nursery. When the nursery manager judges them to be ready they are taken out for planting.

The geography and climate at Pfunda means it is uniquely placed to produce tea of unparalleled flavour and taste. This equatorial region’s altitude of 1460-4500 metres above sea level, high rainfall and volcanoes along the Congo-Nile Crest provide the ideal conditions and rich soil that are integral to growing outstanding tea.

The tea bushes grow high above sea level, at a slower rate, where the temperature is relatively low, developing greater flavour before they are individually hand picked.


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