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Coming Soon - New Water Filters From Caffia Coffee Group

Coffee Machine Water Filter

We're delighted to announce we will shortly change to a new brand of carefully chosen water filters for hard water areas known as the MicroFilter IEN-6000 series. Caffia is constantly on the look out for new and improved products and feel this will be a help for our valued customers in London and the south and feel this will give both added value and performance.

Few items are more important for your coffee machine than the water filter on the mains supply to plumbed-in espresso coffee machines or bean to cup coffee machines. This critical component performs scrubbing of the feed water for particles, off tastes and odours and limescale.

What is limescale? it is dissolved minerals like chalk from areas where rain falls on this and forms dissolved calcium carbonate and other calcium salts in solution, while this is effectively mineral water and very nice to drink as a cup of cold water, the problem comes when you heat it as it clogs coffee machine valves, boilers and elements.


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