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Do Mailshots Still Work?

Do Mailshots Still Work?

Do Mailshots Still Work? – Just About…

As a smaller family business with ambitious growth in mind, Caffia Coffee Group is always concerned about the most effective use of marketing resources, are we over worried about immediate results perhaps or is there some ‘slowly does it’ basic ideas for projecting our message that will bring results over time?

When considering mailshots – which we historically did in large quantities and up to four times per year in 2012 (it worked then) – is this still relevant? Don’t folks just Google when they want a commercial coffee machine, espresso grinder or barista training? Well of course they do, and we seem to receive more and more enquiries this way – it seems to me from experience at the coalface that folks are less willing to take a marketing phone call than they were as well.

How then to project a gentle reminder of one’s existence without excessive irritation?

We always need to keep in mind the timeless and brilliant AIDA formula – Attention-Interest –Desire-Action (action being an order) and surely we won’t get the IDA part without initial Attention?

Anyhow, for us at Caffia Coffee Group, it seems that with reduced-cost simple and focused mailshots (you get a much better rate on more than 4000 at A5 under 100g size) it does actually give you background awareness and seems to form the percussion and ‘beat’ backdrop in the marketing ‘band’ – we still get some small amount of immediate results but it’s that all-important awareness that is generated that seems to make it worth persisting with?

To increase frequency and mailing volumes when we need to do trade shows, equip with the latest demonstrator bean-to-cup coffee machines and the ever-present need to improve our on-line presence?

Hard to know indeed but the solid ‘in-your-hand’ feel of a piece of high impact marketing material with that drip-feed of impact that mail yields seems here to stay for us.

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