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Forecourt Coffee Machine Installed In The Highlands

Forecourt Coffee Machine Convenience Store Coffee Machine Syrup Station on Franke A600

We are very pleased to have installed our first forecourt self-service coffee machine in the Inverness area in the past few weeks.

Now up and running, the smart Caffia Expresso Junior pod with its advanced Franke A600 FoamMaster self serve automatic bean to cup coffee machine also has a Franke Syrup Station using Routin 1883 coffee syrups so that not only is the freshest and most amazing cappuccinos and caffe lattes available but also caramel latte and cold strawberry milkshake!

The FoamMaster technology from Franke Coffee Systems ensures extraordinary and dense milk foam - like a hot Mr Whippy ice cream!

Combined with strongly branded pod and smart Caffia Double-Wall Paper Cups and lids and you have a winner for any forecourt or c-store coffee machine needs.


See our full range of COFFEE BEANS AND SUPPLIES here.

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