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Hot Chocolate Machine

Hot Chocolate Machine Hot Chocolate Machine Hot Chocolate Machine

We supply hot chocolate machines which work by mixing a high quality chocolate powder with hot water in a whipper chamber - thus producing a silky smooth and rich whipped hot chocolate at the touch of a button.

The automation and consistency of a hot chocolate machine is perhaps one of its best features as caterers benefit from automatic dispense from a hot chocolate machine so they can perform other tasks with ease, saving time and money and increasing customer satisfaction.

A hot chocolate machine is a fairly inexpensive add-on for your catering hot beverage line up (compared to say a bean to cup coffee machine's cost) please have a look at the Matrix Hot Chocolate Machine that we sell here.

We offer a range of premium soluble ingredients including 2 different hot chocolate powders - see them here on the website

As well as hot chocolate machines and ingredients we have a dedicated foodservice hot chocolate brand for high cocoa content bar use with fresh milk and in 1-cup hot chocolate sachets - this is called Gracio Hot Chocolate - you can see a video below and the Gracio Hot Chocolate website at: www.gracio.co.uk

Would you like samples of Gracio Hot Chocolate/ Simply email us at: sales@caffia.com

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