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Professional Espresso Coffee Machines

Professional Espresso Coffee Machines

Professional espresso coffee machines are rugged units made for the rigours of heavy use in a café or restaurant; popular brands that we offer include Royal Synchro, Cimbali, Fracino and Esprezzi. Generally they are paired with a commercial coffee grinder like as the increasingly popular Macap MXD, a ‘grind on demand’ coffee grinder model that ensures you only grind just enough coffee for your espressos to be super fresh.

A popular professional espresso machine format is the 2 group espresso coffee machine which normally has 2 steam arms and a hot water outlet and looks just the part in a coffee bar or farm shop. You pile up your crockery on the ample cup warming surface to shout ‘we serve quality speciality coffees like flat white, caffe latte and cappuccino here’!

These coffee machines work by pumping hot water through espresso ground coffee in a ‘group handle’ at a very high pressure of around 9 bar or 150 pounds per square inch in order to extract an intense and aromatic cup of espresso. There are 2 of these group heads and handles or 3 if you choose a 3 group coffee machine to give even more performance. A substantial cooper boiler with water at 115-120 degrees is generally also a feature of professional espresso coffee machines (although we also sell ‘boiler-pre-group-head’ espresso machines) and this is used for making a flat white or caffe latte.

This involves foaming and texturing the milk with a cappuccino having more tiny air bubbles as foam on the top; this is generally done with one of the machine steam arms and a foaming pitcher. All of our espresso coffee machines are installed with barista training, a free case of coffee beans of your choice and a professional water softener filter.


We offer lease rental of espresso coffee machines with simple 3 year lease rental finance deals. This helps to spread out the cost and is tax efficient, being 100% allowable against your profits.

Did you know we also offer a full range of 8 different espresso coffee beans including Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees?


You can get hands on with our professional espresso coffee machines range at our London showroom:

The Design Hub Clerkenwell, 47 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS Tel: 0203 096 7233

Or our Falkirk Coffee School:

Lomond House, Russel Street, Falkirk, FK2 7HS Tel : 01324 617618

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