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Wega Polaris Espresso Coffee Machine

Wega Polaris 3 Group Espresso Machine Wega Polaris Coffee Machine Wega Polaris Coffee Machine

The Wega Polaris Espresso Coffee Machine is a 2 group or 3 group premium espresso coffee machine with real character and superb hand-made build quality and top quality components like ergonomic group handles; a pleasure for any barista to use day in and day out!

Made in Italy to the highest standards and finish, the personality and stunning looks of the Wega Polaris as well as great feel and design adds something very special to any location, be it a restaurant, golf club, hotel or coffee house.

The Wega Polaris coffee machine is part of the outstanding Wega range that also includes the Wega Pegasus, Wega Concept and Wega Vela Vintage plus and excellent range of automatic  Silenzio 6.4a coffee grinder units as well – ask us for a quote today.

In addition to the new backlit selection pads it also presents a revised and futuristic design with the body panels being aerodynamic and eye-catching, with the possibility of RGB LEDs on the side panel that make it unique in the market; a powerful and effective commercial espresso coffee machine that will be a great investment and is available as outright purchase or on a 3 year lease rental deal; call us on 01324 617618 for more details or email: sales@caffia.com

  • Four programmable doses per group
  • Choice of premium espresso coffee grinders
  • Installation with Brita C-Series Water Filter
  • Barista training and cleaning training
  • Comes with 6x1kg of coffee beans (approx 750 cups)
  • Manual brewing buttons
  • LEDs on side panel to add more character to the machine
  • Alphanumeric multi-functional display for the programming of: date, time, daily power on/off, quantification of coffee brewed, water softener regeneration alarm
  • Raised group heads and down lights are optional
  • Available Colours: Chrome, Wine Red and Light Ivory
  • Waste drawer, foaming jug, chocolate shaker and group head cleaning brush
  • Down lights on to drip tray are available



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